Bootle, Corney, Whicham & Whitbeck
A message from Angela, your vicar at Black Combe

Dear All, 

It is with great regret that I have to announce that I am one of those who are in the category of people who are being advised to practise Social Distancing.  So unfortunately you will not see me going out and about the parish in my usual manner.  However that does not mean that I have become so much of a hermit that I cannot be contacted or have a conversation with any of you.

This Social Distancing will be hard for all of us. I admit harder for some than for others and our mental welfare is important. We must keep connected so I will be phoning as many of you as possible to keep in touch. If I have not got your phone number and you want to be contacted please let me have it.

All of you can phone me on 01229 718 632. or email on for what ever reason. It may be an important issue, it may be just a chat, but I am here.

Gill and I thought we can all say Morning Prayer between 9 and 12 on Sunday morning. If we are not connected physically we can be connected in spirit. A Morning Prayer has been down loaded on the web site and I will make paper copies that will be your churches or I will push through your doors. (Not knocking and I do not expect to speak to you).  I will also make sure there is a supply of prayers that we can all use.

As I say these are hard and difficult times and we must take care of ourselves. Yet neither does it mean that we forget that we are a loving community that cares for one another.

What I would like to do also over the coming weeks is set up a network of people that may be able to do tasks for people who are less able or housebound. This is perhaps getting shopping or such like. If you are willing to be part of the scheme please tell me. We will all need each other in various ways and I am sure by the grace of God we will see it through.

All my love and God bless