Bootle, Corney, Whicham & Whitbeck


Due to the road
closures, the APCM
has been rescheduled
7pm, Mon 13th May
Bootle Chapel


We welcome you to be married in one of our churches.

You are entitled to be married in church

  • if either of you is a resident of the parish
  • if either of you is a regular worshipper at the church
  • if one of you is on the Electorial Roll of the church
  • if either of you has a "qualifying connection" with the church. Examples of a qualifying connection are that you have lived in the parish in the past or that your family has strong ties with the church.

The Vicar is happy to discuss your eligibility to marry in our churches.

Please contact the Vicar to discuss your wedding plans in good time. We need at least 4-6 weeks to call you banns and prepare for your wedding. A non-returnable deposit of £50 is needed when you book your wedding.